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GGG foundation
Everyone is an artist.
Artists are not occupations but ways of life
There is always an artist at the cutting edge to evolve human culture.
Movies are composite art.
Screenplay, Director, Camera, Music, Acting, Costume, Makeup, Editing,various Artists with dreams and passion,
In order to create the best masterpieces that can only be created during that period, put maximum effort and talent.
Investment in movie & music project.
By investing in works that have been determined with your
own creativity and aesthetic vision,
It became a source for all artists involved in it,
Contribute to the improvement of human culture.
You can enjoy satisfaction and happiness that other investment can not afford.
 Cameron Lamb
  NY,Paris を拠点に国際的に活躍する独立系映画プロデューサー。作家、演出家中心の作品作りに共感し、パートナーシップを組む。プロデュース作品、「Submergence(原題)」2018全米公開。Director : Wim Wenders  Stars : James McAvoyAlicia Vikander 
Born in Sydney, Australia, Cameron in an America movie producer. Receiving critical acclaim in 2015, Cameron produced the award winning Kumiko: the Treasure Hunter, staring Academy Award nominated Rinko Kikuchi (Babel, Pacific Rim). The film, highly regarded among top critics, received two nominations at the prestigious Independent Spirit Awards for Best Director and Best Actress. In addition, the film was awarded a coveted Grand Jury Prize when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.
Set for world-wide release May, 2018, Cameron was the sole Producer of the highly- anticipated motion picture, Submergence, based on Jonathan Ledgard’s novel of the same name. Directed by Academy Award nominated Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire), and starring Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, ExMachina, Jason Bourne) and James McAvoy (X-Men, Atonement).
The novel Submergence was a 2013 New York Times Book of the Year.
Cameron is a 1999 graduate of Bond University.
Trailers for Cameron’s most recent three picture:
 ゆりふぁ Yurifa
幼少時代フランス、ポンピドーセンターでアートに囲まれ過ごす。物心ついた頃から世界をまわる。フランス美術評論家アラン・ジュフロに才能を認められる。英国立ロンドン芸術大学Central Saint Martins Byam Shaw Fine Art入学。2014年スイス・モントルージャズフェスティバルにて世界デビュー。自身が出演、プロデュースした短編映画作品、「時のカケラ」と「Blue」はそれぞれ日本、アメリカ、フランス、ポルトガル、ギリシャ、インド、ルーマニアなど世界中の映画祭で上映。
New Single "Don't Rush" Release
■ Chairman  Kosaku Tsuchida
国際的なビジネス経験と、映画、音楽、アートに対する深い造詣を持ち、その創造力が社会にもたらす有益性に使命感を抱き、文化支援事業のGGG foudation を設立。
Kosaku has an international business experience and a deep knowledge of movie, music and art. With a sense of mission to the benefits that creativity brings to society, he has established GGG foundation.
Partner Project
The Duke of Havana (Developing)
In 1998, a mysterious right-handed pitcher emerged from the ashes of the Cold War and helped lead the New York Yankees to a World Championship. His origins and even his age were uncertain. His name was Orlando El Duque Hernandez. He was a fallen hero of Fidel Castro's socialist revolution.
Once hailed as a paragon of Castro's revolution, the finest pitcher in modern Cuban history was banned from baseball for life for allegedly plotting to defect. Instead of accepting his punishment, he fearlessly fought back, defying the Communist party authorities, vowing to pitch again, and ultimately fleeing his country in the bowels of a thirty-foot fishing boat.
The chronicle of El Duque's triumph, in the vein of Moneyball meets City of God, is a human story set in the world of one of the most remarkable sports stories of all time.
Now Wait For Last Year, by Philip K. Dick (Developing)
The year is 2055: Earth. Caught in the middle of a brutal war between two alien civilizations, Dr. Sweetscent becomes addicted to a new and unusual drug that thrusts him into the future where he finds the answers to save humanity and his crumbling marriage. In a world not unlike Blade Runner meets Looper, every corner turned in Now Wait for Last Year is a futuristic and psychological thriller, layered with political conspiracies and beautiful complex human relationships. 
Philip K. Dick is the source of a number of commercial films based on his works, including Blade Runner (1982), Total Recall (1990), Minority Report (2002), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Paycheck (2003), Next (2007), and The Adjustment Bureau (2011), Blade Runner 2049
Daniel H. Wilson is set to adapt the book to screenplay. Daniel wrote the International bestseller Sci-Fi novel, Robopocalypse
"Don't Rush"   Oct.10.2020   GGG RECORDS
Performed : Yurifa
Songwriter: Candace Wakefield 
Producer: Rey Reel

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